Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

Life gets so busy, there are so many "distractions" in the world today. I love technology and I don't know what I would do without it but many times I think we let it consume us/our time. Brock and I had a week that we watched far too much TV. Yeah we had some good laughs but I don't feel fulfilled from a couple of cheap jokes, that episode of the Nanny didn't bring Brock and I closer together even though we were sitting right next to each other for 40 minutes. We since unplugged and TV and I was blown away by the difference it made to me. I was able to get more things done, which made me feel good about myself and feel good that the house was clean, it even helped in odd areas like sticking to my weight loss program (I think I'm a mindless snacker when I don't pay attention).

Enough of that, the whole reason I was thinking of that is because after everything on my To-Do List is done, it's nice to just sit down in a quite house, car or outside and let my mind wander. So funny the things you think of and ponder on when your mind isn't buzzing with media or things that seem they must be done. I was taken back to our honeymoon in Cozumel and how much fun we had.

The ocean was a blue green, small waves hit the shore. There was a cute little dock at the resort we were at that we liked to go hang out on. We ordered as many non-alcoholic Pina Coladas as we could get our hands on (yum they were SO good). I lived in my swimsuit all week, I love swimsuits and sun dresses it reminds me of when I was little - I lived in my swimsuits during the summer, out visiting Grandpa in Cali and swim team :) ahh.

We quite a bit of snorkeling. Snorkeling is so common but it was hard for me to get used to, being a competitive swimmer I'm so used to blowing air out my nose but it's impossible to do with those giant masks on. They jelly fish had been netted for the summer (one of my big fears) and we had fun staying in the shallows and finding all sorts of cool little creatures. There were these funny little blue fish about a foot and a half long, very skinny with long beaks that resembled a sword fish. They would swim just 2 inches below the waters surface. It started creeping us out though cause they would follow us. I mean you would look into the water straight ahead and outta now where you'd have one of these little guys staring you right in the face. If you reach out to touch them unlike all the other fish, they would slow swim just out of your reach.

After a while I was getting more confident that there weren't any weird things that would eat me and I wasn't being so wary. I would still grab Brock's hand and swim next to him though haha. At one point I was holding Brock's hand when he yanked me backwards, I stopped and looked and him and he pointed toward the 2 headed (it probably wasn't but it looked like it was 2 headed) jellyfish that I was about to swim right into with my forehead!! Ahhh that gave me the hibbie jibbies so bad.

Man I love traveling and living in new places I'm excited to see what the future brings for us.

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