Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First of the New Year

   I finally decided to see what all this blogging business is about! My writing can be very scatter-brained sometimes, but I'll do my best. We were so busy trying to get ready for this semester and it's already here, I hope to keep this up to date fairly often. Some days doesn't it just feel like we just say good morning and goodnight? haha.

   We gave the lesson in Sunday School this last weekend. We have been called as team teachers and besides teaching a 5 year old Sunbeam class, this has been one of my favorite callings. I learn so much when I study for the lessons and it's so fun to sit down and have gospel discussions so regularly. Brock does a great job, he knows the scriptures so well. 

   With the holiday craziness done I went back to the gym yesterday. Dang it was SO crowded!! I go to 24 hr fitness, it's by far my favorite. I think everyone has the same New Year's Resolution to get skinny every year haha. I think mine is going to be different - I want to be more actively enjoying the outdoors!

I hope this suffices for a first blog post :) until next time...Aubrey