Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday School Lesson

This past Sunday Brock and I had the lesson (we were called as team teachers and I love it!). I always seem to go through a cycle when preparing for our lessons; I read, I think 'Oh dear this is short and there are so many redundant questions how are we going to fill up 45 minutes, I re-read the lesson, I read the scriptures for the lesson and then we pick which section we each want to take.

This lesson was on parables and specifically the one about the sower and the seeds that land on different kinds of ground, hard ground, thorny ground etc. As usual I thought 'oh no everyone has heard this before, how is anyone going to get anything new out of this?' But I did the usual and prayed and studied it and hoped that the class would have some outstanding feedback. I was not disappointed.

I was blown away by what we talked about in class, our class if full of very intelligent people that are far along in their education paths and it's is very intimidating sometimes. But it was wonderful to sit back and listen to the discussion and insight that everyone gave, it's my favorite part of every lesson. I love hearing the views of people who think differently. So with this parable we talked about why Christ talked in parables and points were brought up that it was because not everyone was ready to hear the messages that were being shared, that it gave a visual and something relate able (I know I personally love being taught through stories). Another thought was shared that it was because one parable can relate to many things and have many different levels of depth to it. This idea was shown as the lesson progressed.

We discussed what each part of the parable represented and then my favorite.. How it applied. We talked about missionary work and the point was brought up that just because a person may be on rocky ground and not ready for the gospel it doesn't mean it's the end, things change, rocks can be removed, weeds can be pulled - that's one thing that I love, that hope and faith resonate throughout the gospel! We also said that each of us can be a different kind of "ground" through our own lives and that our testimonies are always increasing or decreasing and that this parable can be a good indicator of what we should be working on. I could go on and on about the wonderful spirit and enrichment that went on, but I thought it was great. And I'm not saying I'm a great teacher, I feel like I benefit most from the lessons because of how much studying I do and the comments shared by others. I really hope that others got as much out of it as I did.

I had forgot to wear my watch and Brock and I normally switch halfway through so I told him to just let me know when I had 5 minutes left and he never did. Before I knew it there were only about 8 minutes left. I felt so bad and asked him later why he didn't say anything and he said that it was going great and he thought he'd just let the lesson go where ever it was going. :) I thought that was sweet, next time I'll have him start.

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