Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prince & Princess for a Day

From the time we announced our engagement I began making plans, scratch that, I SHOULD have been making plans. It all seemed so surreal and it felt like April was so far away I wasn't as diligent about planning as I think I should have been. Our engagement was 6 months long, Ugh it felt like forever! Plus I was still in Colorado working and he was in Utah going to school. I had free nights and weekends on my cell phone and needless to say we took advantage of that. Long talks on the phone and skyping (I don't know what we would do without technology!).

Those 6 months were full. Full of planning, getting to know my wonderful new in-laws to be, drama, work... full. I was glad to be so busy, it made the time go by faster. Honestly when I look back there were so many things about the wedding that I thought mattered (even though people told me to focus on our sealing in the Temple), I think I tried to micro-manage alot even though I wanted help I didn't want help, haha. I feel bad for all those who had to be around me during all that. Thankfully those tasks that I let others help with were done wonderfully and I'm sooo appreciative.

Finally the day came! Brock and I were sealed to each other on April 24th 2010 in the Denver Colorado Temple. What a wonderful day! There was so much going on but I just remember being doted on. I love my wedding dress and would wear it anywhere I could if I had the chance. I don't remember what the sealer said but I remember how I felt, I felt loved. I was surrounded by family and friends that love me and are happy for me and I was getting married to my best friend. Saying yes to Brock has been the best decision of my life!

When you commit to being with someone that loves you like no one else can and makes you feel like no one else can, you look forward to all the eternities you get to be together.

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