Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Canyon Climbers

Our latest pass time has been to run/jog/hike up to Provo Canyon trail which is just up the street from us and it is beautiful!! I have been complaining about how gloomy it has been this winter, and for the most part it has been (I find my mood is very effected by the weather) but now that spring is right around the corner I am amazed at the beauty here in Utah County.

We have started to love running but it can be a brutal hobby. The other day we were a mess (in a good way, it way hilarious). It was too chilly so I went to the gym and ran for a solid hour at a cross country level. Brock is hard core and he still went running outside. We both felt so good afterward, there is just some freeing feeling that comes with running. I knew I had pushed my body hard and made sure to stretch and drink plenty of water. However later in the evening we were sitting on the couch, I got up to go get something and got a nasty Charlie Horse in my right butt cheek! Oh man it seized up and wouldn't let go. I kept stretching and tried to relax, finally I ask Brock in a pathetic voice "Brock will you rub my butt?" HAHAHA! He started laughing so hard, but he had just got done running in the freezing cold and had bad runners cough, he laugh was a mix of weezing and coughing which made me laugh. It was so fun. My hip really was in pain though, I couldn't sleep on my right side for the rest of the night.

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