Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California Roots

Brock and I are trying to plan a vacation this summer and go out to Cali to visit my Grandpa and play on the beach. I'M SO EXCITED!!! I haven't been out there in almost 12 years, I think. I love Colorado and I love Utah but I have always felt like a beach bum at heart. I was reminiscing the other night and sharing with Brock some of my fondest memories when I was a kid.

My Grandma was one of my favorite people on the planet, she past away from Pancreatic Cancer years ago but I will always have fond memories. She would tickle my back for as long as I wanted and take me on early morning walks when everyone else was asleep. She would do my hair up and I'd always get on my mom's case for not be as gentle as Grandma was when she did my hair (my poor mom). Grandma would knit my sister and I matching sweaters and the coolest clothes for our Barbies. I remember my Grandpa would fall asleep sitting up with his chin propped up on his hand and it was fun to try and tickle his nose. They had a bunny named BunBun haha and it would have the seizures where it would run in a circle, we have pictures of me trying to twitch my nose like a bunny. And Peanut the wiener dog that was fast enough to take you out if you weren't ready for her to jump up on you.

My sister and I would wake up early and watch Little Rascals on the little TV in the front room, we'd sit right in front of the screen, I loved the blue carpet in that room. The family would go down to the beach where my dad taught me to find tiny little sand crabs, he once stuffed a bunch into his swim trunk haha. My first experience with a bikini when I was like 6, I was so irritated by it, I would yank the top down as far as I could and would hike the bottoms up my belly to meet the top haha. I remember the ocean waves were scary though, it was so chilly and my dad taught me how to dive under the waves as they came but I was little and the waves seemed so big, that was not my favorite. I still have a fear of deep water and just nasty little water creatures in general.

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D & A said...

California is what's all about! I have a fear of the deep water too and all the creepy crawly things that is in the water...but I love the beach.

You guys will have so much fun. Let me know if you guys need suggestions on what to do =)