Thursday, March 17, 2011

In The Beginning

If this is going to be a blog about the Tyler family I thought it would be important to include how our little family of 2 got started.

Part 1: Dating -
Well I had been going to the Berthoud Singles Ward for almost 3 years I think. Just working and playing. Brock came home from serving a church mission in Germany in February 2009. Brock had a lot of not-so-great-relationships (to put it nicely) in high school and before his mission so when he came home he had a strict plan; Work for the summer and go to school. No Girls. :)

We met for the first time at a church dance. I just remember that he was pretty quite and I decided that I wanted to get to know this new guy.

I scooted off to Sunday School pretty quickly the next day and sat in my normal spot. There was Brock already sitting clear on the other side of the room. I didn't want to make it so obvious that I was so interested that I would get back up and go sit next to him, but I also didn't want any of the other marry trunky girls in the ward to be all gaga over him. So I took the girl-next-door approach and said something like "don't sit by yourself, I have a seat right here" and patted the spot next to me.

He knew exactly what I was up to and luckily he didn't decline. I thought that would be a big enough hint for him to ask for my number (since he hadn't at the dance the night before). We chit-chatted a bit but the lesson ended and he still hadn't gotten my digits. Welp, I know what I want and I don't mind taking things into my own hands every once in a while so I told him that I was in the Relief Society Presidency and since he was new to the ward I could get his number and let him know when church activities were going on. Again I'm so lucky he didn't say no. Brock knew exactly what I was doing and was tempted to put the Kobosh on it right there. So glad he went with it!

So after a month of texting, calling and hanging out at church activities he finally asked me out on our first date! Brock didn't disappoint either. He took me Frisbee golfing (my first time), then we went and got smoothies and went back to his house to watch a movie. I love creative dates! We had such a blast and the rest is history :) ....